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1.     Starts a new business   


·           1963 Kingspan starts as a small engineering and contracting business, when Gene Murtagh begins manufacturing agricultural trailers from the backyard of his family home & business, 'Murtagh's' pub in Kingscourt Co Cavan. He then begins installing industrial machinery and is joined by his brother in law, Laurence Carolan. 

·           1980 The insulation division is born as Shelter Insulation Ltd after the company purchases the technology to manufacture thermal insulation boards for flat roofs and wall linings from a corporation in the US.

·           1990: Entered Dutch market. Kingspan acquires a 50% stake in Kuiper van der Kooij, a panel distribution company in the Netherlands

2.     Moves business / Company renamed

·           1972 The business diversifies into the construction of industrial silos, and large transportable waste disposal containers, tanks and bins, as well as plant and machinery installation. The business moves to its existing head office in Kingscourt Co Cavan and Brendan Murtagh joins the business. 

·           1981 Shelter Insulation commissions a rigid urethane insulation manufacturing line in Castleblayney. 

·           1988 Kingscourt Construction Co. is renamed Kingspan.

·           1993 The combined Shelter-Plaschem / Coolag business is Renamed is renamed Kingspan Insulation. 

3.     Buildings / Factories are built


·           1998 Kingspan acquires Ward Building Components and installs a new composite panel manufacturing line in Holywell.­­­­­­ 

·           2000: Environmental Division set up a state of the art rotational moulding facility in Poland to enter the Eastern European Market.

·           2002 Kingspan Insulation commissions a new state-of-the-art large-scale phenolic insulation manufacturing line at Pembridge, UK, and moves the production of Kooltherm insulation boards from Sully, nr Cardiff, to Pembridge.

·           2002: A revolutionary new CPL pipe insulation manufacturing line, is installed at Kingspan Insulation’s Glossop, UK facility.

·           2005 Kingspan commissions a new manufacturing plant in Hungary to meet demand for composite panels in the growing Central and Eastern European markets

·           2005 Kingspan Tarec Industrial Insulation was formed as a joint venture. It comprises Kingspan Insulation’s pipe insulation manufacturing site in Glossop and the joint venture partner’s site in Turnhout, Belgium.

·           2006 Kingspan increases its geographic footprint to meet the growing demand for composite panels with the acquisition of manufacturing facilities in Turkey, New Zealand and Australia.

·           2007 A new state-of the-art large-scale phenolic insulation board manufacturing line, warehousing and offices are added to Kingspan Insulation’s existing operations at Castleblayney.

·           2007 Kingspan Insulation commissions a new state-of-the-art large-scale PIR insulation board manufacturing line at its Pembridge, UK, facility.

·           2009 Kingspan Solar Inc opens new offices in Maryland.

·           2010 Kingspan Renewables announces new facility in Portadown, Northern Ireland.

·           2014 Kingspan Insulation commissions a new PIR insulation board manufacturing line at Burkhardtsdorf, Germany.

·          2015 Kingspan Insulation commences the installation of a new state-of the-art large-scale phenolic insulation board manufacturing line, warehousing and offices in Melbourne, Australia.

4.     Kingspan market expands / moves to a new country

·          1991 The acquisition of Coolag further strengthens the Insulation Division's position in the market place. Montreal Protocol put the issue of climate-changingemissions on the front page
·           1993 Kingspan purchases a modern factory in Holywell, North Wales, where it installs state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.   Kingspan also establishes a base in Germany to help drive EU market penetration forward. 

·           1995: Entered Belgium market

·           1998: Kingspan acquires a composite panel manufacturing facility in Czech Republic

·           1999: Kingspan Corporation is established by the Insulation Division to facilitate the export of pipe insulation products to the USA.

·           2000: Kingspan acquires Tate Global Corporation, the leading raised access floor business in the USA, introducing Kingspan to the American market 

·           2000: Entered Polish market with name Titan Eko

·           2010 we were producing 16 Million m2 of panels products per year. Innovation strategy expands to lighting, energy production, HVAC systems and specialist environments.

·           2012 Kingspan acquires ThyssenKrupp Construction Group, the leading European insulated panels business.

·           2012 Kingspan acquires Rigidal Industries LLC, a leading Middle Eastern manufacturer of composite panels and roofing systems.

·           2014 Kingspan Insulation acquires Pactiv Corp’s North American building products business, including a manufacturing plant at Winchester, near Washington D.C.

·           2014 Kingspan Insulation acquires PAL including manufacturing plants in Dubai, UAE and Mumbai, India.

·           2015 Kingspan Insulation acquires SPU Oy with a manufacturing plants in Kankaanpaa, Finland and sales offices throughout the Baltic region.

·           2015 Kingspan Insulation acquires the opposite half of the Kingspan Tarec Industrial Insulation joint venture, comprising the joint venture partner’s manufacturing site in Turnhout, Belgium.

·           2016 Kingspan Insulation relocates its PIR pre-insulated ductwork panel line from Mumbai, India to Tehran, Iran.   Production to restart in early 2017.

·           2016: 9000+ strong global team running 182 Kingspan offices in 48 countries

5.     Release New Product

·           1993: Kingspan release the first CFC free insulation product range. First of its kind & 2 years ahead of the Montreal Protocol deadline. 

·           1996: Introduction of unique PIR (polyisocyanurate) foam core insulation. Research and development at Kingspan had taken insulation to a whole new level of fire and thermal performance.

·          2011 – Kingspan Wind acquire world leading wind energy business.


1.     Olympic Gold Medal

2.     Kingspan Flag on top of Mount Everest 

·           A Kingspan flag was taken to the highest point in the world by Steve Harvey from our New Zealand office who climbed Mount Everest 

·           2012 Kingspan Insulation products are used in the construction of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Village, Aquatics Centre, Copper Box, Media Centre and the Olympic Stadium in Stratford.

·          The New Zealand women’s sailing duo of Jo Aleh and Polly Powrie, also known as Team Jolly and sponsored by Kingspan, sped to a Gold medal at the London Olympics



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