Project: Rave in the woods
Client: Electric Picnic
Location: Stradbally, Co. Laois 


This stage was Algorithm’s very first outing and proir to this, very few of us had ever met.Some of us we’re give the opportunity to run an area in Electric Picnic 2012.  We were asked design, produce and program a late night stage deep in the forest to run late into the night.


We wanted bring something unusual to the forest of Stradbally and build a show that seemed unlikely or out of place. We built a stage from IBC water conatiners that were illuminated from inside with LED lights. We then pixel mapped these IBC and operated the lights live. The IBCs wrapped around the audience to give them an immersive experience and the whole thing was very industrial, in the middle of a lush woods. We had asked many friends and associates to help contribute to the area and stage. One such friend built an impressive sculpture as a DJ booth and our friends Slipdraft were on hand to projection map it. It was these three elements of production, art and mapping combined and how well they worked together that stated our paternership and ultimately led to the start of the Algorithm we are today.