Algorithm is a creative production studio based in Dublin, Ireland.

We're not just problem solvers. We create beautiful, memorable pieces for our clients by using our technical expertise and flair for experimental art.

Since we first formed Algorithm in 2015, versatility has been the key to our success. It means we are constantly evolving to remain relevant to our wide client base.

Projection mapping, technical production, creative coding, motion graphics... Our skill set is always growing. And we use it to produce physical installations, video content and digital experiences that make our clients stand out.

Global companies and boundary-pushing artists come to us when they need something special. And that could be anything from a tunnel made with 500m of LED bars to a giant talking mask.


Because we have such a huge range of services, we have full control of our projects from concept right through to realisation. That means we guarantee high quality every step of the way.

Our collective of fine artists, technicians and producers work together to create amazing projects for our clients. But that’s not really why we do it.

We’re on a mission to carve a path in uncharted creative territory. And every project gets us that bit closer to achieving our goal.

Meet the Team

Algorithm is separated into three different areas: Live, Studio and Lab. There is plenty of crossover between these areas, so we’re always sharing our ideas and skills to make projects better.

Ciara Finn Production Co-ordinator

For the past 10 years Ciara has been producing and coordinating events across a range of creative industries, in Dublin and Sydney. From music festivals and fashion shows to advertising campaigns and architectural shoots she brings experience from a multitude of platforms.

Cormac Murray Art Director + Co-Founder

Cormac is a founding member of Algorithm, and specialises in projection mapping, animation and anything that involves creating shiny images.

Daniel Staines Creative Director + Co-Founder

Founding member of Algorithm, with a focus on stage design, visuals operation and projection mapping. Passionate about finding creative solutions to technical challenges. Everything is possible with the right team.

Dillon O’Sullivan Junior Creative Director

Dillon is a creative coder, designer and VJ with a background in visual communication and a particular interest in real-time computer graphics and experiential design. Also sci-fi.

Jim Richard Junior Creative

Backed by an education in spatial design, Jim works primarily on content creation and presentation as well as live visuals.

Kev Freeney Creative Director + Co-Founder

Kev is passionate about live visuals, the moving image, light, space and editing. With a background in fine art and video production, he is now driven him to explore new forms of narrative within experiential design.

Nick Linders Managing Director + Co-Founder

Nick has spent the last 15 years working in the creative and entertainment industries. He is truly passionate about creativity. He holds an MBA from Trinity College Dublin, and uses this to support and develop the many talented people he is surrounded by.

Olan Clarke Director of Production + Co-Founder

With over 10 years spent working in the music and live events industries, Olan has developed a broad skill set and a passion for Live and Technical Production. His fabrication design and practical ability brings the designs and creations of Algorithm's artists to the physical world.

Robert Ickis Mirolo Designer/Artist

Rob Mirolo is a designer, artist and musician based in Dublin. He likes cats, dogs, synthesisers, the occult, grotesquely detailed psychedelia and finely tuned minimal typography.

Ross Ryder Motion Designer

With a background in Illustration and both 2D and 3D Animation, Ross brings a wide gamut of animation styles to the team, from abstract 3D motion design to hand drawn character performances.