Title: Electronic Art Foundation Light and Water based installation
Location: Ascona, Switzerland
Client: Electronic-Art Foundation
Date: 2017

We were approached by Walter Huegli, President of the Electronic-Art Foundation, to travel to Ascona and look at the site of their up coming event with the aim of providing some mapping or light based installations as well as live production elements for a small concert. Walter and his team wanted to utilize the hotel Castello Del Sole's incredible grounds and setting for their event and more specifically use the beach where the gardens meet Lake Maggiore as a live performance area.

Our video team was also commissioned to document and edit the entire event taking in the beautiful natural landscape and scenic backdrops.



We wanted to design a mapping piece that suited the scenery and played with the environment, to achieve this we pumped water from the lake through a high pressure pump into a 40m arch which sat behind thetransparent stage. We animated custom content that was cohesive to the bands and performers and that complimented the natural depth of the water sheet. On top of this we produced the entire live show sourcing all stage and ambient lighting, PA and crew. 

The video was a huge success and can be seen above. The EAF have used this document to promote and share their goals at various events in Europe.
Client  Electronic-Art Foundation