Title: KALEIDOSCOPE STAGE Bestival 2015
Location: Isle of Wight, UK
Client: Bestival
Date: 2015

To design and build a mountable and tour able projection mapped stage facade. 
Bestival wanted to create a new area called Slow Motion which celebrated modern well being and gave its attendees a chance to breath.

"A festival within a festival, Slow Motion is a realm of calm and hidden pleasures connecting the body and mind, all laid out on rolling grass with magnificent views across the rest of Bestival".

Like any good festival, this area needed a stage that offered a platform for wonderful music and enthralling visuals alike
.Josie, of Bestival, described a projection mapped facade structure with beautiful chevron patterns, textured white washed wood and psychedelia-steeped animations to bring the stage to life after dark. The focus would be on the mapping but it was very important to Josie that this piece looked beautiful during the day also. 

Bringing all of our talents to the table, Algorithm designed, fabricated, installed and animated the Kaleidoscope Stage at Bestival 2015.
Tapping into the themes of well being and spirituality, we proposed a stage that's shape derived from the lotus flower but followed stellated geometric rules. Standing at 6m tall and 11m wide, the Kaleidoscope stage offers great surface area for animated content and illusions.