Title: Picture This – MDRN LV 3Arena
Location: 3arena, Dublin, Ireland
Client: Picture This
Date: 2019



We are proud to share the visual content for our first arena show which was animated and made in collaboration with Picture This and their production team between February and March of 2019. We are devoted to pushing the envelope for shows on many scales and this one is definitely BIG.

Picture This played five consecutive 3Arena shows, which were all completely sold out. This sets a new record surpassing U2’s four nights in a row in October 2018.

We hope that all 62,500 audience members enjoyed the show and we look forward to seeing what the band do next.


16 Bespoke animations designed 
specifically to work with the shape
and scale of the stage design


Animator  Kev Freeney
Animator  Ross Ryder
Animator  Cormac Murray
Animator  Dillon O'Sullivan
Video Editor  Jim Richard
Project Manager  Olan Clarke