Title: Web Summit
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Client: Web Summit
Date: 2015
Project Tags: Branded Builds Live Event

We were approached by Web Summit to design and fabricate some branded art pieces to be placed throughout the event. 
Web Summit wanted to ensure that the pieces were in keeping with their branding and ethos as well as modern.
They required some installations to serve as a photo op and some to light area in an interesting fashion.
The event had the idea to incorporate their #websummit in the pieces.

We fabricated three stand alone works for the event. 
The first piece was a series of solid 3D letters that spelled #websummit in the events font. 
The second piece was the same 3D letters spelling #websummit but made with mirrors and LEDs to create a never ending Infinity effect within the letters.
The third piece was a repurposed gilt frame with the Web Summit logo fixed in the centre. This logo and the frame were surrounded with LED and backed with the Infinity Mirror effect.