Title: ALUMINA A 3D Printed Moving Light Sculpture in the Royal Hibernian Academy
Location: RHA Gallery
Client: House Of Peroni
Date: August 2019

ALUM|NA in the Royal Hibernian Gallery

For the 2019 House of Peroni we were commissioned to create a forward thinking immersive full room installation, as a response to a trip to the Italian region of Puglia. 

This is a sculpture about light, water and sound. Taking ephemeral moments found in nature then deconstructing and assembling them as precise elements in a gallery setting.

The 3D form and pattern of the piece evolved through various iterations and a lot of trial and error based on the current limitations of the medium.

This forced us to be creative and economical with the design, taking weight and density closely into account.

“The central sculpture, who’s conic shape is based on that of a Trulli is both a focal point and a means of creating detailed shadow patterns in the space.

These shadows will organically evolve and change thanks to slowly moving light sources integrated into the structure of the sculpture enveloping the entire room.”

- Kevin Freeney Creative Director

Cymatics are created in liquid when low frequency sound waves pass through it forming distinctive patterns for each note interval. The most visually effective notes are below the range of human hearing, in this case generated by an audio transducer.

Lying beneath the sculpture is a body of water which is being disturbed by subsonic frequencies creating cymatic patterns. The natural acoustics of the room play a role in the sound design of the installation with a carefully composed score that evolves in tandem with the shadows and cymatics.

Creative Director  Kevin Freeney
Lead 3D Designer/Print Technician  Ross Ryder
Project Manager  Lewis Byrne
Production Co-Ordinator  Ciara Finn
Technical Producer  Pauric Freeman
Technical Producer  Daniel Staines
Director of Production  Olan Clarke
Lead Fabricator  Thomas O'Shea
Fabricator  Ritchie Alendon
Sound Artist  Jim Richard
Lighting Design   Darragh Mc'Cauliffe