Title: Pound The Pavement [Music Video]
Location: Various Locations, Ireland
Client: The Blizzards
Date: 2020

Creating a music video during the Covid-19 Lockdown was always going to be a healthy challenge!

The video for Pound the Pavement by The Blizzards is about people using technology to connect while in isolation. At some stage everyone has felt as if they’re on the inside looking out over the past few weeks. We wanted people to know that they’re not alone. We can still create beautiful & memorable moments by working together, even remotely. All of the data for the video was recorded in their separate homes and all the animation was made by our team in isolation. 

We used the realtime engine Notch to generate all of the animations which allowed us to create a wide range of experimental video in a short amount of time. We used a Mocap suit (Motion Capture Suit) from Target 3D in the UK. The video marks a creative step in being one of the first occasions that this technology has been used to record motion data of band members performing from their homes.